Staker Pot Overview

By staking your PixelSweeper NFT on, you’re automatically entered into the weekly Staker Pot drawing for each Sweeper you’ve staked. The winning Sweeper will automatically receive one of the Swept NFTs

# How will the Staker Pot work?

Apart from the incredible art from our team of three artists, the purpose of the PixelSweeper collection is to sweep the floor on BNB Chain NFT projects, and redistribute those swept NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders.

There’s actually going to be two ways that we redistribute the swept NFTs back to holders. One will work simply by staking your Sweeper (in the Staker Pot), and the other will work by buying weekly tickets for $1 each (in the Player Pot (opens new window))

Only those people who stake Sweepers will be able to buy weekly tickets for the Player Pot (opens new window), but this article will explain how you can win NFTs for free, just by staking your Sweeper.

# Staker Pot Mechanics

The Staker Pot mechanics will be very similar to the way Moonpot works.

If you’re not familiar with Moonpot (opens new window), it’s a win-win savings game built by the good people at Beefy Finance. The lead dev at Beefy, Weso, is part of the PixelSweeper team, and we’ll be adapting some of the battle tested code from Moonpot and Chainlink to ensure PixelSweeper is safe and fair.

Put simply, you will stake your Sweeper NFT into a pot on (opens new window) and for every Sweeper you have staked, the more chance you will have to win.

Whoever has the winning Sweeper will automatically receive one of the Swept NFTs. We’ll also announce on Twitter which wallet won, what NFT they won, and a link to the BSCscan transaction so that you can see everything on-chain.

# Keeping the Staker Pot Fair

In order to reduce the volatility that might occur if people bought Sweepers, staked them right before the next draw and then unstaked them afterwards to put them back on the market; the longer you stay in the draw each week, the slightly higher your chances are of winning that week.

# How rarity impacts your chances to win

The more rare your PixelSweeper is, the higher chance you will have in the weekly distribution, so people will be incentivised to collect and hodl the rarest Sweepers too.

Rarity will be based on the Rarity Score + Sets parameter from Rareboard.

That said, rarity will only give a slight advantage. For example, having the two least rare PixelSweepers will still count more than having the most rare 1 PixelSweeper.

The way this will work is that those staking the rarer Sweepers will receive fractionally more tickets than those who stake the ones that are less rare.

We’re not doing this to give a huge advantage to those holding the rarer Sweepers, but we do think it’s a good way to encourage the collection of the rarer NFTs.

# So do I need to buy tickets to play in the Staker Pot?

The simple answer is: no. The Staker Pot is entirely free for those who stake their PixelSweeper NFTs. The swept NFTs in the Staker Pot can only be won by staking your Sweeper, and the chance to win from the Staker Pot won’t be shared with those who buy tickets in the Player Pot (opens new window).

All the non-Squaddie NFTs will go in the Staker Pot, and every four weeks there will be an extra free draw for the Staker Pot to win some of the non-Squaddie NFTs.

We’ll be splitting the swept Squaddie NFTs 50/50 between the Staker Pot and the Player Pot (opens new window). This means, the weekly Player Pot (opens new window) where you can buy upto 100 tickets at $1 a ticket, per PixelSweeper you have staked, will have its own collection of Squaddie prizes to win.

We’ll be explaining the Player Pot (opens new window), how we’re splitting up the swept NFTs, and how we’re going to use the Player Pot (opens new window) ticket sales to keep PixelSweeper sustainable, in future articles.

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