SWPR Guide

SWPR Guide

NFT De-listing SWPR Guide

Learn why you should de-list your NFT before staking, how to verify if you de-listed your NFTs, and if you didn’t, the steps you can take to de-list while your NFT is staked.

Player Pot SWPR Guide

Now that you’ve got your Sweepers staked, you’re eligible to purchase tickets for the weekly Player Pot drawings. Learn where, how and when you can purchase tickets, how many you can purchase, and what to expect once you’ve secured your weekly tickets.

Staking SWPR Guide

Learn how to stake your Sweepers, why you would want to stake your Sweepers and what’s coming in the future for those who stake



Community Vault Overview

The BNB raised by PixelSweeper will not only be used to sweep the Pancake Squad floor. 5% of all funds generated from our PixelSweeper mint and ongoing Player Pot ticket sales will be used to sweep the floor of other BNB Chain NFT collections as well, as voted on by our PixelSweeper holders.

Voting Overview

This article will provide important updates and dates specific to Voting for the Community Vault collections

Introduction of SWPR DAO

PixelSweeper announced the transformation of the project into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to ensure a sustainable and long-term plan

PixelSweeper Player Pot Overview

The Player Pot gives holders an additional chance to win an NFT every week by buying tickets. The sale of tickets will allow PixelSweeper to continue sweeping NFT floors indefinitely.

Staker Pot Overview

By staking your PixelSweeper NFT on pixelsweeper.com, you’re automatically entered into the weekly Staker Pot drawing for each Sweeper you’ve staked. The winning Sweeper will automatically receive one of the Swept NFTs

PixelSweeper Project Overview

We'll be sweeping the floor on several BNB Chain NFT collections and redistributing those NFTs back to PixelSweeper holders.

Nominations Overview

This article explains the rules and requirements for nominating your favorite BNB Chain NFT project to be swept by PixelSweeper



Rarity & Staking Weights FAQ

This FAQ will explain how the length of time your Sweepers are staked, and the rarity of your staked Sweepers, will impact your chances of winning in the pot draws, as well as the weight your votes will carry.

Voting Nominations FAQ

A summary of frequently asked questions regarding the voting nominations process



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