Nominations Overview

This article explains the rules and requirements for nominating your favorite BNB Chain NFT project to be swept by PixelSweeper

# Voting Nominations Overview

The second reason for staking your Sweeper will be to let you nominate and vote on the other BNB Chain NFT collections that PixelSweeper will be sweeping.

Your staking for the first two weeks will not have any effect on your voting power, however after the second Staker Pot draw it will come into effect. We will release a separate article explaining this process in full, later this week.

In order to nominate a project you will need to have at least 10 PixelSweepers staked in the week preceding the opening of nominations on Monday 16 May at 14:00 UTC. They must still be in your wallet when the nominations open.

In order to vote, you will need to have at least one 1 PixelSweeper staked in the week preceding the opening of voting. Voting will last one week. More details on voting will be published closer to the time.

# Project Eligibility for Nominations

For projects to qualify for nominations they must be NFT collections on BNBChain, and they must be available for trading on either PancakeSwap, NFTKey or The Bull Society marketplaces.

If the project is not yet fully minted out, it can still be swept with the additional criteria that minting must be available via Rareboard and like the other eligible collections it must already be tradeable on PancakeSwap, NFTKey or the Bull Society marketplaces.

The Pancake Bunnies are an edge case for this system, but we don’t want to exclude them or their community from the chance to be nominated and swept.

For those who do not know, the Pancake Bunnies are a separate NFT collection from Pancake Squad that existed before the Squaddies. Within the larger collection, there are collections of identical NFTs.

Although it is slightly arbitrary, we are implementing the following rules for Pancake Bunnies nominations:

  1. The collections within Pancake Bunnies that are unlimited in number: currently Dollop, Twinkle, Churro, Sunny and Sleepy are excluded from nominations
  2. Gen0 Bunnies: that is Circular, Blueberries, Drizzle, Swapsies and Sparkles will be treated as one collection, meaning you should nominate and potentially vote Gen0 Bunnies, rather than their individual names
  3. Every other collection within the Pancake Bunnies will count as a collection on its own: meaning Hiccup can be nominated as a collection, Claire can be nominated as a collection etc.

The PixelSweeper collection itself is excluded from nominations. This is because we want to support the entire BNB Chain ecosystem and get as many different communities excited about what we are doing with our Sweepers.

At the end of the nomination period we will review the nominated collections for eligibility, publicize the list of successfully nominated projects and announce the date that voting will open.

# Splitting your votes

One thing to note; when you vote for a collection, all the Sweepers in your wallet will count toward the same project. If you wish to nominate, or vote for more than one project, then you will need to have your Sweepers split across multiple wallets.

The rarity of your Sweeper, and the length of time that you have it staked in the week preceding a vote will have the same impact on your voting power as it does on your chances to win.

This means that the community members that are most invested in PixelSweeper will have the largest impact on the collections that we will sweep.

The first vote will decide which projects get swept using the BNB raised during the mint. In the following order (please note the dollar amount is nominal, because the value of the BNB raised from our mint will vary based on market conditions):

1st Place: $25,000 of BNB

2nd Place: $15,000 of BNB

3rd Place: $10,000 of BNB

If we have collected $10,000 or more BNB into the vault for sweeping projects other than Pancake Squad by the time the first vote ends, then the 4th place project will also get $10,000 of sweeping.

If we have less than $50,000 in BNB when the sweeping begins for the first three projects, we will split the available BNB at the same ratio of 5:3:2.

If that means that any of these top three projects from this first vote receive less than $10,000 in BNB, then those projects will get a future sweep to make it up to $10,000 from the first additional revenue coming in from the 5% allocated for these kind of sweeps.

Revenue for future sweeping comes from 5% of ticket sales and 5% of the rewards we receive from the community trading Sweepers.

# Cool Down

We will introduce a cool down system, full details still to be decided, so that the same projects do not receive the $10,000 sweeps every time. To begin with, any project that receives a sweep from as a result of this first Sweeping vote action will not be eligible for nomination for the next vote.

Again, we will share a full article about Voting closer to the time. For now, we simply recommend you already stake your Sweepers, in order to maximize your chances of winning a Pancake Squad NFT and in order to maximize your nomination and voting power.