Staking SWPR Guide

Learn how to stake your Sweepers, why you would want to stake your Sweepers and what’s coming in the future for those who stake

# Staking SWPR Guide

# Timeline

This article is specific to Staking for the Staker Pot (opens new window). The first Staker Pot (opens new window) drawing will take place this week, Friday 6 May.

You do not need to buy any tickets to participate in the Staker Pot, just staking your Sweeper is enough.

Beginning Monday 9 May, we will begin selling tickets for our first Player Pot (opens new window) drawing which will take place on Friday 13 May. Stay tuned for more details on our first Player Pot (opens new window) drawing, which will also require you to have staked your PixelSweeper to be eligible.

  • This week:

Staking begins - Monday 2 May

First Staker Pot drawing - Friday 6 May

  • Next Week:

Ticket Sales begin - Monday 9 May

Player Pot & Staker Pot drawing - Friday 13 May

  • Weekly Thereafter:

Weekly Ticket sales start each Monday

Player and Staker pot drawings held each Friday

# How to Stake your Sweepers

The time has come to stake your Sweepers.

At 15:00 UTC, Monday 2 May, we will open up staking for your PixelSweepers. This article will introduce how to stake your Sweepers, why you would want to stake your Sweepers and what’s coming in the future for those people who stake.

The process of staking your Sweepers is pretty simple. Click here (opens new window) to watch a sample video or reference the screen shots below

Note: To be safe, we recommend that you de-list any PixelSweepers from secondary marketplaces, if you intend to stake them.

Beginning later today, Monday 2 May, once you have successfully staked your PixelSweeper, you will have a non-tradeable NFT in your wallet for each PixelSweeper you've staked, that has the PixelSweeper logo and the word "Staked" as shown in the example below. Note: this functionality will be live later on in the day on the first day of staking.

# How to Unstake your Sweeper

You can unstake your Sweeper at any time from the page.

As soon as your Sweeper is unstaked, you are no longer eligible to win the next prize draw. If you restake your Sweeper, you become eligible again.

# Stake to Win

The main reason, right now, to stake your Sweepers is to participate in our Staker Pot drawings for a chance to win a Pancake Squad NFT. The Pancake Squad NFT prize will be randomly selected from the collection we have already swept off the market. You can see all the Pancake Squad NFTs currently in our vault, here (opens new window).

Every staked Sweeper gives you a chance to win from the free weekly Staker Pot prize draw, each Friday. The first Staker Pot prize draw will be on Friday 6 May at 14:00 UTC. The winner will be announced shortly after; both on our Twitter (opens new window) and in our Telegram Channel (opens new window). Whoever wins will receive

If you don’t win the prize draw, you do not lose your Sweeper. You can simply unstake it after the prize draw, or leave it staked for the chance to win the next one.

# Staking Odds

In the first two weeks, the length of time that you stake for will not influence your chances to win. This is to encourage people to continue sweeping Sweepers off the market to increase their chances of winning.

After the first two draws we will introduce a mechanic whereby the longer you stake your PixelSweeper in the week leading up to a Staker Pot prize draw, the higher your chances of winning that prize draw will be. We will introduce how this will work closer to the time.

However, the rarity (using the RS+S ranking on (opens new window)) will impact your chances of winning from the start. The more rare your PixelSweeper the higher your chances of winning the prize draw each week.

# Stake to Vote

The second reason for staking your Sweeper will be to let you nominate and vote on the other BNB Chain NFT collections that PixelSweeper will be sweeping.

Your staking for the first two weeks will not have any effect on your voting power, however after the second Staker Pot draw it will come into effect. We will release a separate article explaining this process in full, later this week.

Happy Staking.