Voting Nominations FAQ

A summary of frequently asked questions regarding the voting nominations process

# Voting Nominations FAQ

The following is a summary of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our Voting Nominations blog found here (opens new window)

Q. What is the difference between nominating a project and voting for a project?

A. Nominating a project means you are putting that project's name forward to be included on the list of projects that will be voted on by PixelSweeper holders.

Once the list of nominated projects is final, then holders will be able to vote for their favorite project.

Q. How many PixelSweepers do we need to have staked in order to nominate a project for voting?

A. In order to nominate a project, you must have at least 10 PixelSweepers staked by 13:50 UTC on Friday May 13, which is when the snapshot will be taken to determine who is eligible to nominate.

If you stake after the draw on Friday May 13, you will not be eligible to nominate.

Q. How many PixelSweepers do we need to have staked in order to vote for a project?

A. In order to vote, you will need to have at least one PixelSweeper staked. The voting power snapshot will be taken at 13:50 UTC on the Friday before the Monday vote. In order to get the maximum time bonus, you will need to have them staked by 14:00 UTC on the Monday before the snapshot. See the Time Bonus FAQ located here (opens new window) for more details on how the time bonus is calculated.

Q. What if I want to split my votes and vote for more than one project?

A. All of the Sweepers you have staked in your wallet will count toward the same project.

If you wish to nominate or vote for more than one project, you will need to have your Sweepers split across multiple wallets.

Q. When will the snapshot be taken to determine who has the 10 Sweepers required to nominate a project?

A. The snapshot will take place 13:50 UTC on Friday 13 May

Q. Are there any restrictions on which projects can be nominated?

A. For projects to qualify for nominations, they must be NFT collections on BNBChain, and they must be available for trading on either PancakeSwap (opens new window), NFTKey (opens new window)or The Bull Society (opens new window) marketplaces

Q. Can projects be nominated if they’re not minted out?

A. Yes they can, as long as minting is available via Rareboard and like the other eligible collections, it must already be tradeable on PancakeSwap, NFTKey or the Bull Society marketplaces.

Q. Can we nominate PixelSweeper?

A. The PixelSweeper collection itself is excluded from nominations. This is because we want to support the entire BNB Chain ecosystem and get as many different communities excited about what we are doing with our Sweepers

Q. Will Sweeper rarity and the length of time my Sweepers are staked be a factor?

A. The rarity of your Sweeper, and the length of time that you have it staked in the week preceding a vote will have the same impact on your voting power as it does on your chances to win. This means that the community members that are most invested in PixelSweeper will have the largest impact on the collections that we will sweep.

See the Time Bonus FAQ located here for more information on how length of staking and Sweeper rarity will be factored.

Q. When will the nomination process and voting begin?

A. The nomination process will begin on Monday May 16. Voting will take place soon thereafter.

Q. Where can I find out more about the nomination process?

A. For full details, please read our Voting Nominations blog located at (opens new window)

Q. Where can I find more information on voting?

A. We will publish a new blog detailing the voting process as we get closer to the vote date