Player Pot SWPR Guide

Now that you’ve got your Sweepers staked, you’re eligible to purchase tickets for the weekly Player Pot drawings. Learn where, how and when you can purchase tickets, how many you can purchase, and what to expect once you’ve secured your weekly tickets.

# Player Pot Explained

# Timeline

This article is specific to the Player Pot. Ticket sales for our first Player Pot drawing will begin Tuesday 10 May. Our first Player Pot drawing will take place on Friday 13 May at 14:00 UTC, and will always take place on Fridays at 14:00 UTC going forward.

# Player Pot Eligibility

The Player Pot gives you an additional chance to win an NFT every week by buying tickets. The sale of tickets is essential for the longevity of the project, as it will allow PixelSweeper to continue sweeping NFT floors indefinitely.

In order to purchase tickets for the Player Pot, your PixelSweeper must be staked. Once your sweeper is staked, you will be allowed to purchase up to 100 tickets for each Sweeper you have Staked, at a price of $1 per ticket. This means if you have 5 Sweepers staked, you can purchase up to 100 tickets for each of the staked Sweepers, for a maximum of 500 tickets.

Reminder, there is no requirement to purchase tickets, nor is there a minimum. If you do not wish to purchase tickets, you can simply keep your Sweeper staked and participate in the weekly Staker Pot drawings. If you only want to buy a few tickets in one week, that’s okay too.

Just remember, the more tickets you purchase, the greater your chances are of winning.

# Where, How and When to Buy Tickets

Beginning on Tuesday 10 May, you can begin purchasing Player Pot Tickets through using BUSD.

Tickets do not need to be purchased all at once, nor do they need to be purchased in any specific denomination. If you decide to purchase 50 tickets the first day, 30 tickets the second day and 20 tickets the next day, that’s up to you.

You will have from Tuesday 10 May until the drawing takes place at 14:00 on Friday 13 May to purchase your Player Pot tickets. Tickets purchased anytime after 14:00 UTC on Friday’s, will automatically count for the next upcoming draw. This means if you purchase tickets Friday 13 May at 14:05, those tickets will be for the following week's drawing held on Friday 20 May.

# What to Expect after Buying your Tickets

Now that you’ve bought your Player Pot tickets, let the game theory begin. The more tickets that are sold each week, the more NFTs will be swept, which means more prizes are distributed and won that week.

Regardless of ticket sales, there will always be at least one winner of a Pancake Squad NFT from the Player Pot. The current floor for these NFTs is close to 15 BNB as of the time of this article.

If only a handful of PixelSweeper holders take a chance and get $100 worth of tickets each, then the chances of those players winning is extremely high in return for the low cost of the tickets.

On the flipside, if thousands of Sweeper holders buy tickets in the same week then more Pancake Squad prizes are going to be added to that week’s Player Pot draw. So your chances to win won’t fall dramatically simply because other Sweeper holders want to play.

# You will Lose Your Tickets if you Unstake

Once your Sweepers are staked and your tickets are purchased, it is very important that you do not unstake your sweepers until after that week's drawing.

For every 100 tickets you have purchased, you need to keep one Sweeper staked. If you unstake more Sweepers than you have bought tickets with, you will lose those tickets, and you won’t get the BUSD back.

For example, if you have 10 Sweepers staked and you purchase 1,000 tickets on Tuesday, and the next day you unstake 9 of your Sweepers, you will lose 900 tickets for that week's drawing.

On the other hand, if you have 50 Sweepers staked and you purchase 300 tickets, you can unstake 47 of your Sweepers without losing any tickets.