Bonnie's News, June 20

Summary of news from the previous week

Hello fam.

New week, new format for your "LAST WEEK’s SUMMARY" 🔥

From now on, the article will be published on the PixelSweeper blog.

Floor Price, volume, news... We keep the same information but in a more helpful format. In the future, you will be able to find all the articles of the past weeks on the blog.


As you can see in the image above with the data for the last 7 days, we had a total volume for last week of 344.19 BNB, with an average floor price of 0.785 BNB.

This week's volume is higher than the week before with 105.13 BNB more, congrats community!


3 great sale came in this week

SWEEPER #9134 : Sold for 11.54 BNB

SWEEPER #6192 : Sold for 9.00 BNB

SWEEPER #6834 : Sold for 8,5 BNB

Congratulations to the buyers, who all used Rareboard (opens new window) for their purchases!

Why use Rareboard? Learn more just below ⬇️


For the month of June (and perhaps, others in the future) 50% of the revenue will be used to sweep sweepers. The sweeper sweep will be redistributed to Rareboard users 👀

Buying on Rareboard (opens new window) costs you nothing more than buying the same NFT on another marketplace. Rareboard is a marketplace aggregator: when you make a purchase on Rareboard, it’s like Rareboard buys on the marketplace for you, and sometimes earns a % of the transaction fees depending on the agreement it has with the marketplace. It’s 50% of this revenues that is used to sweep sweepers.

But don't stop at Pixelsweeper, any Rareboard income is used for sweeping. You can use it also to buy the NFTs of your favorite collections, and mint from new ones. And since recently, you can now accept NFTkey bids on rareboard.

An additional advantage for you: Rareboard Mint Pass!

The more you use Rareboard, the more you increase your user score, the more chances you have of obtaining Rareboard Mint Pass. You can learn more about it here.



# What is Vivatech?

Viva Technology, or VivaTech, is an annual technology conference, dedicated to innovation and startups, held in Paris, France. VivaTech was founded in 2016 by Publicis Groupe and Groupe Les Echos, about 126,000 visitors have attended.

We were surprised to discover we were in the spotlight on the Binance booth, with some NFTs from PancakeSwap too. It was an incredible moment and we are proud to have been represented and recognized by Binance.



# Squaddies

During the last week, we swept 6 Squaddies. Since launch, we have swept 176 squaddies, 24 have already been won by PixelSweeper stakers.

# Community NFTs

The First week after the vote, 10 Oddblox were won. Last Friday 10 Lilbulls were won. This week, it will be Horror ape club that you can win.

The vault currently contains:

  • 152 Squaddies
  • 272 Oddblox
  • 184 Lilbulls
  • 147 H.A.C


This week I'd like to spotlight Nitro (opens new window).

Nitro is a big holder (yeah, he is a whale!) of several collections. Sweepers of course but also Pancake Squad, Shitpunk, BBB and a few others.

Nitro is still active on our telegram chat, he brings a good mood to our days and we can't stop him: Nitro buy again!

But beware, Nitro doesn't like to buy at floor price...

Nitro analyzes, Nitro asks Luke for advice, then Nitro buys. If a sweeper is in Nitro's wallet, then it's a medium rare, for sure!

Thank you Nitro for your investment in the community ❤️


LuckyCharms: Mint in progress, Reveal Soon.

PlanetZUUD: WL for Top #SWPR stakers - WL mint start on Rareboard 21 June - 0.35 BNB . (Update : SOLD OUT)

Exopets: WL for somes SWPR stakers - MINT TBA on Rareboard.

Thank for reading, see you next week