Halloween Art Contest

Be ready for the contest

# To celebrate Halloween, PixelSweeper Team has prepared an Art Contest for you.

# How it works ?

Here is a link of a google folder : Click Here (opens new window) , inside you will find a background and different Sweeper attributes on the Halloween theme.

You must decorate the background and create your Scary Sweeper.

You can use all the files from the google folder (opens new window) or create your own.

AI is allowed ( BeCrazy (opens new window) will be happy 😁 ) , The only condition is that it need to look like a sweeper.

Once your artwork is finished, you need to post it in comment under our Halloween Post : here (opens new window), use @Pixelsweeper and #SWPR #NFTs #Halloween #HalloweenSWPR #BNBchain.

And retweet your own comment!

Be creative and happy contest 🥳

( END OF THE CONTEST 31 OCTOBER 2022 - 23:59 UTC )

*The visual chosen by the community will win the prize.